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Bones - a Wolfsfrau Variation
A solo-piece for Adults to premiere on 7 May 2015.
Direction: Susanne Henke

A Raggle Taggle Tale
New children's piece for age 3 and older
Direction: Uwe Günzel Premiere August 2015

UK Tour provisional dates September/October, including Skipton Festival, the Boo, Upfront Theatre.
See dates.

2014 2013

New staging of the Ringelnatz Evening
as a solo-piece -
Mir scheint da mancherlei nicht klar?
A reworking of the set and the overall conception, a few old acquaintances remain...
New additions include tKuddel Daddeldu and Kasper. The renewed engagement with Ringelnatz's biography led to these changes, as well as the shift in perspective for the performer that age brings...
Directed by Susanne Henke,
Dramaturgy Katharina Tarján and
Music improvised by Felix Kroll (accordion)
Large puppets built by Silvia Eisele

Tours in Saxony and North-Rhein-Westphalia.
Workshop "Figures on Strings by Frank
Soehnle and Raphael Mürle

A new children's show
Johnny Happy-Go-Lucky (AKA Hans im Glück, by Grimm)
Directed by Uwe Günzel, Puppets by Silvia Eisele, and the music and song were written for me by Sebastian David, many thanks!

In May I organise a Festival entitled "Puppet and the Nazi era" at the Theater in Treptower Park as part of the Berlin Theme Year "Destroyed Diversity"; ten shows take place (including two sponsored by the NPN.)

Directed The story of the little uncle, a show for children by Nicole Gospodarek, Berlin.

Meller Else 2013 - awarded the Cultural "Oscar" from the town Melle for the piece "Big Wolf and Little Wolf - The leaf that did not want to fall".

2012 2011

Research trip to France (April/May): meeting colleagues and watching them at work, visiting museums (Chagall, Matisse etc.) and letting ideas for future projects mature.

Research trip UK: To the Edinburgh Fringe and back via Penrith, Birmingham, Stratford-upon-Avon, Norwich, London, Brighton...

Ringelnatz goes on tour all across Germany (Bad Segeberg, Hamburg, Lüneburg, PUK Bad Kreuznach, Offenbach, LTT Tübingen.)

Directed Sophie's New Dress, a show for children by Uta Gumm, Hamburg.

Nicole Gospodarek and I co-produce the children's show Mr Squirrel and the first snow based on the book by Sebastian Meschenmoser (Thienemann-Esslinger-Verlag). Sebastian visits the first night and signs books and postcards! Two performers - three puppets (sorry, snail, four!) an interesting experience. Susanne directs us.

We used the crowd funding platform startnext.de to finance the music for the show - very exciting. Thanks to all supporters again!
(and thanks once again to you, Sven, for the spontaneous hedgehog and squirrel video interview! We loved it!)

2010 2009

Lübeck (amongst others puppen.etc) hosts the 35. Bundeskongresses des Berufsverbandes vdp.
(Association of professional puppet theatres in Germany)

Workshop with Frank Soehnle/Karin Ould-Chih in Bochum:Puppet theatre and dance.

Production of a new children's show
Big Wolf and Little Wolf: the leaf that didn't want to fall based on Nadine Brun-Cosme, directed by Susanne Henke.

In October M.Grund and I produce a new version of the Ringelnatz-show directed by Bärbel Frank (Theater Brausepulver)

For years, parts of the Ringelnatz-Show were shown in the variety show of puppets at
Figurentheater Lübeck. 2009 those fragments are performed in Wolfsburg and Paderborn at festivals.

Salt - a fairy tale is revised with M.Grund directed by Silke Technau.

The Fir Tree set is extended and renewed. A narrator character is added.

2008 2007

puppen.etc joins the association of professional puppet theatres:
Berufsverband der Puppentheater vdp e.V.

I fall in love with David McKee's Two Monsters
Uwe Günzel (director) and I develop a 40 min. show for children from age 3.
Silvia Eisele creates the monsters.

I go completely freelance with my theatre company!
We kick off this move with a tour in Scotland at the Puppet Animation Festival.

Shadow E.A.Poe (2.0) is revived and extended. We perform in an old factory and at the Hannoversche Schattentheaterfestival.
Unfortunately the show is too big to tour.

Workshop with Neville Tranter
(Stuffed Puppet Theatre) excites me!
puppen.etc becomes part of the repertory of at
Figurentheaters Lübeck

2006 2005

My Kingdom for A Cookie
based on a tale by Richard Leander.
directed by Silke Technau.
Silvia Eisele creates the table top puppets.

Silvia replaces Anthony in managing the tech for Salt - a fairy tale.

The company's work is acknowledged as artistically and educationally valuable and therefore is accredited by the Jugendkulturservice Berlin.

I meet Silvia Eisele, a puppet maker.
We find and share a workshop space in Berlin.

2004 2003

puppen.etc's U-Theater
For the bar next door we develop little puppet playback scenes:
Fred Espresso sings Frank Sinatra, a cheese Edith Piaf, …

Salt - a fairy tale
Katharina Tarján (dramaturgy) develops a shadow show with me based on fairy tales about salt. We take Die Gänsehirtin am Brunnen by Grimm as our starting point. Katharina designs the flyer.

Andrea Galluccio starts to put Edgar A. Poe stories to music and puppen.etc creates shadowplay for it. 5 stories are produced fort his scary evening. We tour to Offenbach.

First Christmas Production!
Fascinated by shadow play I produce Hans-Christian Andersen's The Fir Tree.
My first solo show! Anthony runs the tech.
We present it at our first international tour in Brütten (Switzerland).

2002 2001

Christiane Hess returns to Hannover and we change the Ringelnatz-Programm to work with only two performers.

EOS (Elektro ohne Smog)
New abstract music concert with a violinist and a saxophonist from Vienna and a guitarist from Berlin - I spontaneously form shadows on a projection screen for it.

We re-work
"und publikum noch stundenlang"(2.0), Christiane Hess takes over Nicole's place. She is trained as a mime and puppeteers and the show changes its dynamic.

We create a little 20 min. show in English based on Mother Goose rhymes for the British Council Germany All the king's men.
and two walk acts: Mrs Parker und Bill Smith engage with the guests.


Anthony Gaughan and I (Christiane Klatt) found puppen.etc Theater mit Figuren.
I joint UNIMA in 1999.

Our first production
Träume Wünsche Wahrheit
is based on The Mender of Broken Dreams
The puppeteer and storyteller Uwe Günzel joins the company for the production - in 2008/2013 he re-joins to direct.

In Winter we - Anthony, Nicole Gospodarek (actress) and I create a show based on poems by Joachim Ringelnatz, a German poet (1883-1934)
"und publikum noch stundenlang" In 2011 Nicole re-joins the company for a production!


Mir scheint da mancherlei nicht klar - Ringelnatz
2014 3. Figurentheaterfestival im Figurentheater Lübeck

Big Wolf and Little Wolf: The leaf that does not want to fall
2011 "Ancient Trance" Intern. Maultrommelfestival in Taucha
2013 Lesezauber in Frankfurter Bibliotheken
2013 Meller Puppenspieltage (Jury-Preis)
2014 KiLian - Sächsische Bibliotheken

Mr. Squirrel and the first Snow
2014 Meller Puppenspieltage
2012 Puppenspielfest im FEZ

My Kingdom For A Cookie
2007 Puppet Centre - London (GB)
2007 Berliner Märchentage
2007/8 "Ancient Trance" Intern. Maultrommelfestival in Leipzig
2008 Puppets for People - Wendlandfestival
2008 Puppenspieltage im FEZ - Berlin
2009 Lesezauber in Frankfurter Bibliotheken
2010 1. Figurentheaterfestival im Figurentheater Lübeck

Salt - A Tale
2006 Figuranima - Berlin
2006 Berliner Märchentage
2007 1. Schattentheaterfestival - Hannover
2010 1. Figurentheaterfestival im Figurentheater Lübeck

The Fir Tree
2003 Brütten (CH)
2005 Berliner Märchentage
2007 Puppet Animation Festival Scotland (GB)

Shadow - E.A.Poe
2007 1. Schattentheaterfestival - Hannover

Two Monsters
2008 Berliner Märchentage
2009 Puppenspieltage im FEZ

Ringelnatz (Auszüge)
2009 Langen Puppennächte der Festivals in Paderborn und Wolfsburg
2014 Theaternacht Hamburg
2014 Silvesterprogramm Figurentheater Lübeck


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