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Mr. Squirrel and the First Snow
Based on the children's book by Sebastian Meschenmoser (Esslinger Verlag)

"Winter, according to the stag, is wonderful. Snowflakes fall from the heavens
and everything turns white! Mr Squirrel had slept through it again...
This time he decides to stay up until the first snowflake has fallen and winter starts!
But winter takes its time coming..." Together with Mr. Squirrel, Hedgehog and Bear, we experience waiting for winter. "What if the first snowflake had already fallen without them noticing? if it was lying around somewhere and winter had long since started?
Time to form a search party!"

Duration: 45 mins.

Performance: Nicole Gospodarek (until 2020)/Ute Kahmann (since 2020), Christiane Klatt
Puppet design: Silvia Eisele
Direction: Susanne Henke
Music: Sven RoXi Otto
Premiere: 29. October 2011

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