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A Raggle Taggle Tale
During the course of the show, the two become friends, initially the clown helps the rag-cloth, who is helpless, but slowly the balance of power shifts, as the rag-cloth quickly learns how to manipulate the clown.
Now the clown has to learn to set bounderies, so that there can be a healthy relationship, despite differences in age and size!
In the end, they perform their own Circus-show!

It is all about courage, friendship, standing up for yourself, and for others, engaging with and acknowledging others...

A piece for one performer, a suitcase and a rag-cloth
45 minutes, for 3 years and up

Performed and designed by Christiane Klatt
Directed by Uwe Günzel

Premiere 15.08.2015 17:00hrs at Figurentheater Grashüpfer

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