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Johnny Happy-Go-Lucky
John has finished his apprenticeship after 7 years! He is happy! Today he will see the world and find his fortune. On his journey he trades his payment - a lump of gold - for a horse. Now he is much faster - lucky him! But the horse is wild and uncontrollable - better to exchange it for a cow - milk in masses! What a joy! But - this cow is too old … so trade her in for a pig - a nice fat one! Bacon and ham - Elysium! …
without hesitation John is on his way to happiness.

Happiness does not lie in gold, a horse, a pig or a cow - happiness lies in us! Thank you for the journey, John! And: Good Luck!

Director: Uwe Günzel
Performance/set design: Christiane Klatt
Puppet making: Silvia Eisele
Music/Song: Sebastian David
45 min. age 4-12

Premiere: 13. April 2013, Figurentheater Grashüpfer

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