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Two Monsters
"Once upon a time, there was a blue monster who lived peacefully on the western side
of a great mountain, where the sun sets. And on the eastern side, where the sun rises,
there lived a red monster..." The monsters live in peace and harmony until, one day, because of a simple misunderstanding, they get into an argument. They make up increasingly offensive insults for each other and discover the accumulative fun of fighting - until they have totally destroyed the mountain which was their home. When they finally see each other
eye to eye, they realise that their different points of view both deserved respect.
"That was fun", laughed the blue monster. "Yes", giggled the red monster.
"Pity about the mountain, though..."

For 3 - 8 year-olds

Performance: Christiane Klatt
Direction: Uwe Günzel
Puppet making: Silvia Eisele
Music: Sven RoXi Otto

Premiere July 2008

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