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Let's go, Little Fear!  
Mia in search of adventures: What is this? Curiosity inspects losely. "Your curiosity helps to discover the world!" says old Gioia. Oh, will it be dangerous? Little Fear pops up immediately. "Take her on!" says Gioia, "Fear is your shield - your attention and warning. - But on top: do not forget Joy!"

A story about our emotions - how they are called and what they achieve
Age 4+

Script: Christiane Klatt and Uwe Günzel
Performance/set design: Christiane Klatt; Puppets: Silvia Eisele
Direction: Uwe Günzel, Music: Felix Kroll



 Two Monsters  Big Wolf and Little Wolf

based on the children's book by David McKee

"Once upon a time, there was a blue monster who lived peacefully on the western side
of a great mountain, where the sun sets. And on the eastern side, where the sun rises,
there lived a red monster..."

A funny tale about misunderstandings, arguments and communication
for age 3-8.

Duration: 40 mins

Rights (Germany):
S.Fischer Verlag


Big Wolf and Little Wolf: the leaf that didn't want to fall

Based on a French children's book by Nadine Brun-Cosme, Olivier Tallec "Großer Wolf & kleiner Wolf: Das Glück, das nicht vom Baum fallen wollte"
What's needed to be happy?
When are you happy and how long does it last?
Can you hold the fortune in your hands?
Are you happy alone or even happier together?

A piece on happiness and fortune
age 3+

Rights: Gerstenberg/Flammarion Publishing



Mr. Squirrel and the First Snow A Raggle Taggle Tale

Based on the children's book by Sebastian Meschenmoser (Esslinger Verlag)

"Winter, according to the stag, is wonderful. Snowflakes fall from the heavens
and everything turns white! Mr Squirrel had slept through it again..."

A tale of searching and finding and staying awake...
45 minutes, for 3 years and up

Rights: Thienemann-Esslinger Verlag

A clown gets kicked out of the Circus; when he complains, he gets a rag-cloth thrown in his face...

When he tries to throw it angrily back, it comes alive. The clown helps the rag-cloth take shape (by making knots), the rag-cloth likes it, and tries to stand on its new legs, and its new arms, and its head! It wants a nose, too - just like the clown!

A piece for one performer, a suitcase and a rag-cloth
45 minutes, for 3 years and up


 Johnny Happy-Go-Lucky

My Kingdom for a Cookie  

based on the Grimm tale

John has finished his apprenticeship after 7 years! He is happy! Today he will see the world and find his fortune. On his journey he trades his payment – a lump of gold – in for a horse. Now he is much faster – lucky him! … without hesitation John is on his way to happiness.

About the happiness in oneself!

from age 4

45 min.

Inspired by a tale by Richard Leander (German Writer 19th cent.)

King Valentin sets off to find himself a wife. Should he settle down with Brambilla to eat onion pie, or design dream castles with Agathe, or dream the day away with Angelina in her hammock?

A tale of spicy fantasy, musical harmony and what they have to do with happiness
for everyone aged 4 years and up.

Duration 45 min.


Mr. Squirrel and the First Snow  The Fir Tree
Inspired by versions of traditional tales regarding salt

Olga needs to remove a stain off the table cloth - red wine! Nothing worked so far, then she recalls her grandmother saying: use salt! For her granny salt was the solution to everything!
Nowadays no one knows the value of salt - like the King in the fairy tale…

A story about the value of salt for mankind and understanding this and each other

Age 5+
Duration: 45 mins


Hans-Christian Andersen

"Out in the woods stood such a pretty little fir tree. It grew on a good spot,
where it had plenty of sun and plenty of fresh air. Around it stood many tall comrades,
both fir trees and pines…"

A pleading for living in the here and now,
age 5+

Duration: 45 mins


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