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Salt - a fairy tale
The king asked his daughters to appear in front of the throne: "My dear children. You all love me, but the one who loves me most shall have the best." All of them said that they loved him most. (…) The youngest stayed silent. But the king was insistent, and finally she said: "Even the finest food does not taste good to me without salt, therefore I love my father as much as salt."

We use shadow to tell the story to leave as much space for association and fantasy
as possible. But we show as well real salt - sea and stone salt - and the children can taste it afterwards.

Shadow show (45 min.)

Performance/set: Christiane Klatt
Tech: Silvia Eisele/Meike Grund
Dramaturgy: Katharina Tarján
Direction: Silke Technau
Music: Sven RoXi Otto

Premiere September 2003

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