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The Fir Tree
"Out in the woods stood such a pretty little fir tree. It grew on a good spot,
where it had plenty of sun and plenty of fresh air. Around it stood many tall comrades,
both fir trees and pines. But the little fir tree only had one wish: He wanted to grow tall as fast as possible.
It took no pleasure in the sunshine, nor in the birds. The glowing clouds, that sailed
overhead at sunrise and sunset, meant nothing to it."
Andersen's story tells of the life of a fir tree that can only look to the future and
dream of what might come, instead of enjoying the beauty and wonder surrounding him.

"Oh", said the little mice, "how lucky you have been, you old fir tree!" "Happy?" asked the tree, and he thought about all the things he had told them.
"Indeed, actually they were happy times."

For age 5 and up

Idea and performance: Christiane Klatt
Premiere Dezember 2003,
Re-worked 2009

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