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Big Wolf and Little Wolf: the leaf that didn't want to fall
Big Wolf and Little Wolf try their luck: at fishing, at sledding, and in their life on the meadow. But what's with the crisp green leaf, right up on the top of the tree, the one that Little Wolf wants so much but which absolutely refuses to fall from the tree like its comrades - even in winter?
Little Wolf just knows that it would make him the happiest wolf in the world, but how can he get his hands on it? Finally, in winter, Big Wolf decides to get it for him. A dangerous ascent begins…

A piece about happiness: about the happiness that lies in being together, about the happiness
and sadness of yearning, about the happiness of having friends who want to see you happy and who therefore need great courage themselves, and about the happiness that constantly changes its appearance yet still remains happiness.

For 3 years and up
Duration: 45 min.

Performance: Christiane Klatt
Puppet design: Silvia Eisele
Direction: Susanne Henke
Music: Sven RoXi Otto, Sebastian David

Premiere: 7. August 2010

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