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The Mender of Broken Dreams All the king's men

Sleeping soundly in bed at night and all broken and disillusioned wishes are mended in the dreamland by the Mender of broken dreams. He repairs them or alters them slightly - how nice…

Theatre with table top, flat and shadow puppets
age 8+

Duration: 40 min

English Children's Rhymes

Meet the characters of the Mother Goose collection on the theatre stage!
Mother Goose with Humpty Dumpty, the five piggies, the cow that jumps over the moon…

With glove puppets and flat figures and music
age 5+

Only in English
Duration: 25-30 min.

A Joachim Ringelnatz Evening

Of things you had no clue about moments before
A Joachim Ringelnatz Evening

"Segelschiffe - sie haben das mächtige Meer unterm Bauch und über sich Wolken und Sterne..."
"Sailing Ships - they plough with the powerful sea under keel, above them the clouds and the stars..." (trans.)

Duration: 110 min. inc. Interval



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