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Bones - a Wolfsfrau variation A Ringelnatz Evening with Puppets

Back from the office...
Stressful day, but home at last...
Thank God, feet up and a cup of tea...
What's that noise in the corner? Where does that door lead?

Oh well, tomorrow's another day....

Performance duration 70 mins without interval
Premiere May 2015, Berlin


We launch ourselves into a Ringelnatz cosmos:

Open suitcases with gymnastic poems, sea-sacks with Kuddel-Daddeldu
And Deep Ocean Cows,
Drawers with letters...
You ask yourself, if you have a scrap of sense...
Who or what was Ringelnatz?

Duration: 110 minutes (inc. Intermission)
for 16 years and older.


Shadow PUNCHin' the Cloud

based on E.A. Poe

Adventure, dreams, horror trips - opium visions? Bitter revenge?
Disillusioned hopes? With horror a fascination awakes, scare and amazement…

Duration: 120 mins inc. Interval


PUNCHin' the Cloud
or Dance of the algorithms

Come Hell or high water the traditional Punch ensemble is thrust into the brave new world of digitalism! But no one - really nobody can suspect the dangers that are lurking there for Punch, Judy, Devil and Death. An ironic absurd and completely analogue battle begins…

Subsidised by Possehl-Stiftung Lübeck and Figurentheater Lübeck

First night September 20th, 2019


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