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Toy theatre
Toy theatre! The own little stage - like in the old times before telly!

We each build our own little toy theatre with props, scenery and actors.
A short history of toy theatre for introduction, then right into a story and the making of all necessary equipment! After making we need time to rehearse and perfect the scene.
At the end we can exhibit the theatres and perform little plays for friends and family.

Age 6-9
Group size: 5-10
Duration 3h
Price on application

Shadow theatre

Play with Light and Shadow

We create little 2-dimensional puppets that come to life as small or gigantic shadow figures on a screen. We will explore objects in shadow - a fist becomes a face!
We can experiment what happens with size depending on the relation of the object to the screen/light. Using an overhead projector, colourful sets and backgrounds are possible.
After exploring the materials we will invent scenes and rehearse them to show them at the end of the course to friends and family.

Age 7-9
Group size 5-10
Duration 3h
Price on application

Sock puppets

Help! My sock is talking!

We make a sock monster! An old sock and some fantasy - glue, needle and thread… a bit of patience and we are rewarded with a new friend with a big mouth!
After building we will immediately explore the puppet and confront them with other sock monsters in a scene. Little pieces will evolve that can be refined and presented at the end of the course.

Age 10-12
Group size 5-10
Price on application

Finger puppets

Finger puppets - the easy way! Everyone creates his own world.

With cardboard we make puppet heads and bring them to life on our fingertips.
After explaining the easy technique, we draw and paint the figures. After the break we will discover their character - how do they move, how do they speak and what do they love and hate…
They meet other new characters and little scenes evolve. Maybe props are needed?
The polished scenes can be shown to a VIP audience of friends and family members.

Age 4-8, group size: 5-10
Duration 3h
Price on application.
Variety of puppet theatre
Variety of puppet theatre
Making and manipulation of puppets for educators/therapists
- and anyone passionate about puppet play!

. . . more info under adults

Puppet theatre in education

Puppet theatre in education

I offer for each production the possibility to prepare before and reflect after a show the theatre experience with a playful puppet workshop, in which puppets are build, used and the topic of the show is introduced and later reflected.
Information under download/puppet theatre education workshop.

I conduct workshops like this regularly since 2009 in primary schools in Luebeck for the repertory of the Figurentheater Lübeck (financed by the Michael Haukohl Foundation).


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